Saturday, April 5, 2008

Happy Birthday JON!!!!!!!!

We love you!!!!! Happy Brithday!

Video Try

I am trying to get this together. It's a good day for something like this. It's icky outside!


OK, This is our first entry. Since we are so far away from family, we will give this a try.
We made some new friends with our mommy group. The Martins just happen to have a 6 month old little girl who is very sweet and just April's size. They also have 2 young gentlemen, Kaleb and Gabe. I have not met Kaleb yet, but I have heard lots about him.

Here is the thing that I find incredable. Bailey, the ring master, is holding down the fort while her husband is serving our county abroad.. and doing a heck of a job! *** If you are reading this Bailey, You ROCK! I'm very glad you joined our group!***
Having said that, she also has a lot of family that is far away. To keep them in the loop she created a blog. I have not wanted to have a blog or MySpace page, but when I saw hers... I thought I would give it a try.
For those that have been asking me for something along these lines, you can thank Bailey. (But don't get your hopes up about a mySpace page!)
April and Shiloh at a play date.