Friday, March 4, 2011

The Sandbox

We have live here for a little over two years and finally went to visit The Sandbox. It was a planned play date with Bunny's BFF and we had so much fun that we got a membership before we left.
Who would have thought The Sandbox would not only have a real sandbox.. but that it would have MAGIC sand in it! LOL

Magic or not.. Bug didn't think it tasted very good.

Chef Bunny

Bunny's BFF. From what I understand they were going to the moon.

They have arts and craft tables that were a HUGE hit!!!

The Doctor is - In.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Fun in the sun

Is there anything better than a beautiful day? Yes. Yes, there is! Using that day to soak up some sunshine and get a little dirty. :o) Maybe even have a nice frozen treat.
Our littles love water..

and dirt/sand..

Bug loves woodchips...

And who doesn't love frozen Go-Gurts?

Muffin Tin Monday!!!

YAY!!! I remembered to take a picture before Bunny dived into it. LOL

I was a little sad to see that they don't have any specific themes each week.. but I guess that just means that I can get a little funky with them. Now.. where did I put my thinking cap?

As for this week, Bunny had grapes, carrots, ham/cheese sammies on a sick, orange, ranch for the carrots, and some pretzels. I'm glad I got the picture when I did. You would have thought that I hadn't fed the child for 3 days the way she destroyed her lunch.

Bug had a PB&J with some grapes. He's not relaly feeling the MTM yet. LOL
Now that we have full bellies it's time to go outside and enjoy this FANTASTIC weather!!! We need to get some Vit D and what ever nutriants that you get from rolling around in dirt. :o)
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