Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Jon @ Augusta National

Jon asked me to post a few pictures. He hasn't had time just yet, but I'm sure he will share some of his favorite videos and pictures soon.

Jon had a very good time! He was walking on air when he got home.
This is Jon's group that he played with.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Well, Today is Daddy's Big Day! Yes, boys and girls.. Jon Robbins is currently playing golf at Augusta National Golf Club!!! I'm sure that there will be several pictures and videos posted after he gets home tonight. He took all the cameras!!
I did find some pictures from a couple of days ago that I could share though.

Massey Looking oh so UNIMPRESSED with April chasing her around the room. As you can see in the back ground Max could care less! I really think that he was meant to be a part of our family, much to Massey dismay at times. We told her over and over to leave Jackson alone. He was old and sick and she still insisted on pouncing on him... So as far as we are concerned ... Turn about is fair play. She gets it form a Baby and a Kitten!! I often humor myself by thinking of Jackson snickering at her when she is getting hacked off at Max or April. LOL Or one of he dogs for that matter.

April has a few "big girl" toys! I found a great buy on! This cute little tent and she loves it!! So do the cats, but that's a story for another day. She looks a little... ummm... silly in this picture. LOL I am not a professional photographer PEOPLE!

Just so you know... you can leave messages and read ones left by other friends and family. You can also left click on the pictures and it will bring up a much bigger version. Just a thought... I had talked to several people who didn't know and were squinting to try to make out pictures. LOL

BIG hugs from The Robbins Zoo!!!