Monday, August 16, 2010

Life Science Lesson

This happened a few weeks ago.. but I forgot that I had the picture on my camera until this morning. LOL
While the kids were playing in the pool I thought I would pull a few "weeds" To my surprise... the weeds were Acorn seedlings!!!!!!!!!
I showed them to Bunny. We talked about them how plants grow. I showed her how the "baby tree" was growing out of the little acorn. :o)
One is still covered in dirt.. the other was rinsed in the pool so we could see the roots better. :o)

Muffin Tin Monday - Bug's First MTM! YAY.

Once again it is time for Muffin Tin Monday. YAY!! Bunny and I took a trip to Sam's last night.. so we had PLENTY of fruit!
Bunny had : Strawberries, carrots and celery (with Ranch), green grapes, blueberries, hard boiled egg, and some apples slices. She didn't finish it.. but asked for more carrots about 10 min later. That's my Bunny!! LOL
Drum roll Please... BUG HAD HIS FIRST MTM TODAY!! I am so proud. It survived not getting worn as a hat! YAY! LOL
He had apple cubes, carrot and celery with a little ranch (he was not impressed), grapes, blueberries, PB&J, and strawberries.
Silly Girl!!!
This may be my favorite pic of the summer.
We have not had AC for over a week. The kids have been as nakie as I would allow. Much to Bug's dismay.. He was still required to wear a diaper. - One day last week I noticed that it was really quiet. I went into the playroom and this is what I found. What was my first reaction? "Awwwww!' Second reaction? Must. Find. CAMERA!! :o)
Check out what other Mommies are doing on MUFFIN TIN MONDAY!!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hey Ya'll :o)

Ok. I know, I know.. I've been a BAD blogger! Now that everything is looking up from our recent drama... No AC for over a week. (Don't ask. Long story. LOL) It's been so hard to care about our little blog when it's to hot to do anything but sit, watch movies and sweat! Thank goodness we had our little pool to dunk the littles in. :o)
One of my favorite blogs had a FANTASTIC give-away! (Well... several actually LOL) I can't pick one from the heard.. however, if you held a gun to my head, I might pick the I know-Rhino give-away. Then again.. I might might pick $90 CSN GC give-away or The Sock Fairy book/CD give-away or even the Le Baby Hair Gel give-away.
You never know.. you (or I) could be the one chosen at random for these items.
I am doing the happy dance because I know that tomorrow is MONDAY!!! ( I even busted out the sprinkler and cabbage patch for this happy dance! )How many people can say they have a reason to get excited for Mondays? Not the ones who have found Muffin Tin Monday.. that's for sho! :o)
To the new followers (and old) I promise to try to better now that our zoo is starting to find it's groove again :o)

Words to live by: SMILE!!! It makes people wonder what you're up to! ~ My Nana wrote this on a post-it note and sent it to me during class my freshman year of High school. ( I still have the Post-it :o)