Monday, August 16, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday - Bug's First MTM! YAY.

Once again it is time for Muffin Tin Monday. YAY!! Bunny and I took a trip to Sam's last night.. so we had PLENTY of fruit!
Bunny had : Strawberries, carrots and celery (with Ranch), green grapes, blueberries, hard boiled egg, and some apples slices. She didn't finish it.. but asked for more carrots about 10 min later. That's my Bunny!! LOL
Drum roll Please... BUG HAD HIS FIRST MTM TODAY!! I am so proud. It survived not getting worn as a hat! YAY! LOL
He had apple cubes, carrot and celery with a little ranch (he was not impressed), grapes, blueberries, PB&J, and strawberries.
Silly Girl!!!
This may be my favorite pic of the summer.
We have not had AC for over a week. The kids have been as nakie as I would allow. Much to Bug's dismay.. He was still required to wear a diaper. - One day last week I noticed that it was really quiet. I went into the playroom and this is what I found. What was my first reaction? "Awwwww!' Second reaction? Must. Find. CAMERA!! :o)
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JDaniel4's Mom said...

It looks great! I love that it lead to a great nap! Thanks for stopping by.