Sunday, July 10, 2016

Pokémon Go - Let's not forget our manners!

Ok folks! I love Pokémon Go as much as the next girl,  but let's take a moment to consider our manners and talk with our littles about what is appropriate behavior. 

If you are out hunting and find yourself near retail locations, take a moment to consider that corporate retail stores sometimes depend on certain things, like "conversion". These are numbers that tell their higher management and corporate office how they are doing. Specifically,  Conversions tell them how many people walk into the store vs how many people actually buy something. The customers are counted by a sensor.

If you, or the kiddos, walk into a store to look for Pokémon,  you could be hurting that store and it's employees.  It could effect how management thinks they are working, but it can also effect things like bonuses.  You could literally effect how much money someone makes.

I get it! Pokémon Go is awesome!  We love playing it! Let's just be smart and considerate of those around us. It's not hard.

○If it looks like you have to go into a store and cannot catch it from outside, be polite. If there are more than one person in your party, take turns going into stores.  All 5 of you don't necessarily need to walk into a Vera Bradley store to catch a Pidgey.

○When an employee greets you, don't ignore them. Be an ambassador for Pokémon trainers. Smile and explain that you will only be a moment. If you're nice and they are not busy, an employee may even help you!

○Say "Thank You", before you leave. Appreciate that an employee's time and efficiency is often monitored.

See? It's not all that hard and you will be doing other players a solid, because stores won't think poorly of the rest of us. 😊😊😊