Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy MTM Everybody!

While I'm still not 100% (BLAH!).. I am feeling better than I was this time last week. (YAY!) Thanks for all the Well-Wishes last week. I have neglected my little blog. (facebook took me on a slight detour. LOL) But I was reminded last week why I HEART my bloggy peeps! :o)
This week we were suppose to use liners and cups only. I managed to do that, but I got a funny look. I don't think it was exactly what Bunny was expecting. LOL To see what other MTM moms are doing click HERE!

In the cups we have apple slices, strawberries, Honey Nut Chex, and our little alligator friend is made out of Nuttella Toast. :o)

We have been talking about the letter Aa recently.

Bunny and I made some home made fruit strips. They were yummy and I'm sure we will make some more flavors. I didn't take any pics :o( We got the idea from our bloggy friends over at Sippy Cup Central. She has a great blog and shares fantastic ideas for family fun. :o)