Monday, April 12, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday! - Rainbow

I was in a muffin tin kind of mood today! We had breakfast AND lunch in our muffin tins! :o)

For breakfast we had french toast, syrup for dipping, sausage, blue berries and a CapriSun.

And more in theme.. Our rainbow tin was..
R - Strawberry Crystal Light,
O - Whales cheese crackers,
Y - Apple sauce (with a yellow spoon for good measure),
G - Baby Pickle,
B- Frozen Blue Berry Go-Gurt,
and last but not least..
P - Raisins.
It must be a pretty big hit! April, who has not stopped talking since she woke up this morning, has not said a word for almost 5 min!! *Ahhh

Playing in the dirt again!

Lets see.. What can we get into? We have left over egg cartons from Easter eggs, bowl of dirt, seeds that the Easter Bunny brought in April's basket, and an eager princess!

April was very careful and filled the cups with potting soil.

As you can see we removed the top of the carton and used it as a drain tray.

Princess April and her new garden! :o)

We made Happy Birthday Cupcakes for Daddy!!
Since he is a big golf fan, The Masters were coming up.. oh yeah. Plus he works at Augusta National parttime as a caddy.. we decided that we would try to make a golf theme cupcake.

We had lots of fun and Daddy thougth it was a hit! (It made me smile when he was so happy that he posted a pic on FaceBook! LOL)