Sunday, August 10, 2008

Amy @ Reflections

After being disappointed with almost every hair cut that I have gotten for a couple of years... I met someone here in the Savannah/Pooler area that is AWESOME!!! She is not only a very talented stylist, but she's also very sweet. Remember the days of going to the hair salon and chatting, relaxing, and getting pretty? I actually had one of those days and it was wonderful! Everyone at Reflections (the salon that Amy works at) was super nice. Even though they were all busy, they didn't make anyone feel rushed. That in it's self deserves a metal in this day and age. If I am willing to put a personal recommendation on our family blog... then I hope you understand that it is sincere.
Reflections Salon and Day Spa
1002 US Hwy West Ste D
Pooler, GA 31322

Time to Catch Up

Lots of things have been going on that I have neglected to post. I will try to catch up a little over the next few days.

April is a great helper! Oh and you can hear her say her new favorite word. :)

This was all because I wouldn't let her turn off the computer. She's not always all smiles and giggles.


OK, so Salina told me the other day that April turned on my cd player and ejected a couple of cd's. She failed to tell me though which two cd's she got. This is how I know she is my baby girl. April pulled out RUSH's "Counterparts" cd and also "Roll the Bones." We said she would have GREAT musical taste.

Busy girl

Our little girl has been quite the busy girl.

  • hiding in Ti's crate
  • lounging in her walker (I had to lower it to the ground because she was trying to climb onto it. )
  • walking EVERYWHERE! I will try to have some video soon.
  • getting new teeth (6 so far - 4 on the bottom 2 up top.)