Friday, June 4, 2010

You may notice...

There are a few things new on our blog.
Style, Background, MUSIC... I have a friend who is helping me to spice up TRZ. I'm super excited about this... THANK YOU SO MUCH DONNA!! And to all of you ladies who inspire me everyday to live, love, and laugh a little more... Ya'll ROCK pretty darn hard too.. Thank You for being such a wonderful community.. even if it's only in bloggy world :o)
You can check out her blog. Mama & Company

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday ~ No theme/Dinosaur Train.. and a little late

So if things weren't already pretty interesting around here with one car and two kids. We lost our cable and Internet for several days. FUN!!!!! LOL
On the bright side we have a humongous yard now and we can go play outside! :o)

Since there was no official theme.. Our tin this past Monday was in celebration of Dinosaur Train's World Tour!!
Clockwise ~ Pickles, Apple Sauce, Dino Chicken Nuggets, Raisins, Dino Gummies, BBQ Sauce and a Stegosaurus PBJ for good measure :o) To check out what other MTM Families did.. check out Muffin Tin Monday

Our little Bunny is a Dino-Mite!!! She had so much fun and we watched Land Before Time
(No Cable = No Dinosaur Train! *gasp*)