Saturday, November 26, 2011

Our Little Island

We love our beautiful little island.  
 Tide was going out..
 A Bunny and her Dog.
 Ahhhhh!! That monster wave is going to get us.

This is Ti.  
Bunny took this picture.

Trip to Waycross

The littles and I decided to visit family in my hometown, Waycross, GA. We had a wonderful visit! I will share some pictures of our roaming zoo. :D
 That is Pogo on the water tower.
This is my Nana!! She and Bunny wanted to make a Pecan Pie from scratch... That included going out on the buggy to pick up bucket full of pecans.
 When Nana said that she wanted to show Bunny how to make a pecan pie from scratch.. she was serious! Here they are shelling them.  LOL
  Logan found out why Nana had to take "the bitters" out... the hard way.
 This was a rather large lizard that was in the house. He was obviously rescued before the cat found him.
 Nana and Pickle. - We had to take Pickle every where went. Thank goodness he was a good traveller. He mostly curled up in Bunny's lap.
Making pies.

 While the pies were baking the littles played.
 This is my Brother. He isn't so little.. but he still loves to play.
 Alisha. She is my brother's new bride. Bless her for putting up with him. <3
 This is why there aren't very many pictures of Bug. He was seldom still.
This is a painting at an overpass. It always makes Bunny giggle.
 HA!! I got one of Bug... well, sort of. LOL