Tuesday, April 22, 2008

First Sign!

Tonight April used her first sign! I had started trying to teach just a few words/signs to begin with and tonight she used the sign for milk over and over again while having her bedtime bottle. When I noticed it and started praising her, she gave me me a sweet little smile and did it again.
I found a great website that teaches Baby signs. Far be it form me not to share!
Just click on ASL for babies.

Ok, ok I know. As my friend Stephanie would so eloquently put it, I'm turning into a "Crunchy Granola-ee Mom" ! LOL
1 Made baby food
2 cloth diapers
3 Baby wearing
4 Teaching sign language
What's next... LOL!!!


Tyrone & Bailey said...

isn't it great?! shiloh has been doing "milk" and "mommy"! i am over the moon! too cool, right?! glad y'all are doing it too! the girls can practice together!

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with a little granola?!