Monday, May 19, 2008

Long Week

We have had a pretty busy week...
Jon took a few days off from Nike to caddie at Augusta National and learned late yesterday that he will get to play the course on May 25th. He is VERY excited!

April and I went to Augusta for a couple of days to see Daddy and visit with some of my old friends. We had such a nice tiem visiting with everybody!
The puppies went to Augusta with us! They got to sleep over at National Hill Animal Hospital. The cats stayed here and lounged around with no baby to chase them and no dogs to trample them. :)
MAX has decided that he needs to help me organize!! I bought some small boxes at the Dollar Tree and I guess I'm not filling them fast enough!

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Tyrone & Bailey said...

i miss y'all! glad you're having a good time, and i can't wait to get together again after everything calms back down. the pics of the cat are priceless!!