Monday, May 3, 2010

In the spirit of continued celebration..

A very wise woman once told me "Why celebrate a birthday one day when you can celebrate all week!" I find this a wonderful way to look at that special time of every year, when we get to enjoy friends, family, and CAKE!
Green eggs, chopped Honey Baked Ham, cantaloupe, and grapes
You would think that this is a Dr. Seuss breakfast.. but alas it is not! The green eggs are a Princess and The Frog nod. GranMa and GrandPa brought April her new favorite movie on DVD and her Aunt Tavia got her a dress that has Princess Tiana on it! :o) She was thrilled! I started out wanting to make Green eggs and Ham and then read the book. But even after reading it.. April insisted that they were "frog eggs" Umm... SURE!

cantaloupe, carrots and ranch, pineapple, turkey and Swiss cheese, baby pickle, grapes

Logan and April weren't the only ones of the family who got gifts! LOL GrandMa, GrandPa, and Nana have all given us new tins! My Mom and I found yellow oneat the "Litter Box" find. (The Litter Box is my fav thrift store here on the island!) Amazing find at 50 cents!!! (I KNOW!!!) we found a few other things.. but they are not pictured. AND THEN!!! Jon's parents brought me this fantastic tin! April was very impressed that it is not only PINK but it has flowers!! LOL

It may not look pretty.. but it was delicious!! LOL

Last night we had RAINBOW pancakes for dinner!! April and I had so much fun making dinner!!


varunner said...

Green eggs are always fun. Haven't seen that movie yet.

Lisa said...

Great tins!

Jamie said...

We haven't seen the movie yet even though we bought it when it came out. Eek! We need to watch it. *lol* Great tins!

Kristie Clower said...

muffin tin meals all day! awesome. i love those rainbow pancakes

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love your tins. What a find? The food looks great too.

Michelle said...

Very yummy looking MTM!!! I love the rainbow pancakes :0)

w said...

love the tins! also. we had something green today, too.

Wonder Mom said...

Adding food coloring to anything just makes it taste better, I do believe!

kris in larryville said...

Audrey would love the pink tin. I may have to get her one. She has made pink pancakes with me recently from Jessica Seinfeld's book and they were wonderful. Yours look good too.