Saturday, July 9, 2016

Resurrection of a Blog Forgotten

For quite some time now, I have primarily used Facebook as a social media outlet. It was a great way to find and stay in touch with old friends, long lost family, and bloggers who I enjoyed. Plus, I was able to stay fairly up to date on what was going on in the world. It was great!

Over the last few years, the climate in our country has shifted. There appears to be more and more hate. Satire sites are masquerading as true news, News is giving information to the public without taking the time to verify anything. They are often so unreliable,  that they Mai as well be satire. People are lashing out at anyone and everyone,  seemingly to feel better about their own place in this world. Skinny, fat, black, white, Clinton, Trump.... 

There is constant division,  even between people who could normally sit and have really interesting conversations. Now they sit behind their keyboard and say whatever... off of information that is likely false.

I clung to the positivity that I found. I tried to peacefully express my opinions. I shared experiences and adventures, as a release but also as a way to share a smile with someone. I enjoyed having an outlet.

All of that is changing. I need to step away for a while, in an attempt to protect myself and our family. I will still be around social media.  You can find me on Instagram  (therobbinszoo) or, believe it or not, I will still have a Facebook presence. Just in a different context. Our page for our family blog is still active, so you can find me on The Robbins Zoo.

I know several people who have deleted or temporarily deactivated their Facebook accounts, but I honestly don't want to do that.  There are far to many people, who I genuinely love,  that I would likely lose contact with completely.  I'm not ok with that.

Love, Hugs and Belly Rubs!
The Robbins Zoo

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Melia said...

Beautifully written, precious friend!! I find it harder and harder to enjoy FB and have started cleaning, unfollowing, and deleting both people and pages to make it mine and something I enjoy. You know I am here without ugliness or hate. We can have different opinions and still be kind!!