Sunday, May 4, 2008

Duck and Cover!

The world as we know it may very well be coming to an end!! MY husband has BOUGHT a COUNTRY MUSIC Cd!!!!!!!!
When I was going out to the car last night I noticed a Brad Paisley Cd on the window seal. It was unwrapped and I knew I didn't buy it...
I looked at Jon. He smiled and knew that he was busted. (Not that he was keeping it from me.) I gave him a kiss and wanted to check for a fever, but stopped short of putting my hand on his forehead.
For those that don't know Jon... he was NOT a country music guy by any stretch of the imagination when I met him. He would give me such a hard time about country music!!! Then I noticed that he knew who a few of the artists were. Not long after that I heard him mumbling the words to a song. One day when we got in his car, it radio was on a country station. (I thought it must be a mistake) NOW he has PURCHASED a CD for HIMSELF, NOT for ME!!

I LOVE IT!!!!! but more importantly I LOVE JON!!!!!!

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