Thursday, January 29, 2009

18 Months

April turned 1 1/2 on the 24th! It doesn't even seem possible!

She's talking up a storm! Especially during growth sprouts. "Mommy. More. Eat. Please." She will repeat numbers and some of the ABC's... Though sometimes instead of repeating the number she says the next one. She says Please and Thank You and several things have been renamed. Rooster is "Roo Whoo" and Nemo is "Momo". Waffle doesn't come out just right either, but I have no idea how to spell it. LOL

Yesterday, we went for her 18 month check up. She didn't get any shots, but she did get a Tinkerbell sticker, a sucker, and lots of compliments. Her stats are as follows. Weight 24 lbs 8 oz and Height 31 1/4 inches.

We have our first playdate with our new mommy group today. I am taking the camera, so I will try to take lots of pictures. :)

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Tyrone & Bailey said...

i miss y'all. i hope that your new mommy group goes well. i miss ours :(