Saturday, January 31, 2009

Daddy's Little Girl

This is what happens when Jon comes home. He calls as he's pulling onto our road, so that I can tell her Daddy's coming and help her up the couch (if she needs it).

Can you imagine a better thing for him to see and hear when he gets out of the car? It's a shame she's not at all a Daddy's Girl. LOL

Tonight he was practicing his golf swing, with out his club, in the living room. April watched him do it a couple of times and started swinging too. Starting with her hands together at her right shoulder, swinging around, and touching her left shoulder. LOL As you can imagine we cheered, Daddy gave a great big "That's My Girl!", and she continued to "practice". It won't be long until Jon is measuring her for her first clubs. :)

As for Baby Brother (aka Thing Two by Ms Stephanie) he gets everywhere a little before I do now. He is very active! We are still having a hard time with names. We can't seem to come up with a middle name for River Robbins. I told Jon we should just name him River Rush Robbins. :) He declined. LOL


Tyrone & Bailey said...

THIS IS STINKIN' HILARIOUS!!! soooo cute! i am adoring it! i had to play it a second time for tyrone to see! i love every second of it! a daddy and his daughter, is there anything better?!

Anonymous said...

How adorable! We should all have someone greet us like that every day!