Friday, February 13, 2009

Joey and Rory - Home

I got a great cd for Christmas from my brother-in-law Jeff. I put it on my list after hearing "Cheater Cheater" on the radio. (I didn't know who they were.. but I liked their sound)

I know that I have mentioned the album to a few of you, but this is a song that I LOVE and gives you a general idea of how low key there music is. I don't often suggest music or cd's... but if you like this song.. I HIGHLY recommend getting it!!!

This song reminds me of my Papa! He is a man of very few words, but when he speaks I tend to listen. I love him very much and hope he gets to hear this song. :)

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Anonymous said...

we saw them when they were on the show "Duet". I love them and I like the song "Cheater Cheater" too. Have to turn it down when the kids are around. Caught Chance singing one day, called the "W" word a "Hoe". Oooops don't think he needs to be singing that one to nana.
I do agree they have a voice, and love them. Guess I will be buying me a cd.
Love ya Aunt Tammy