Friday, May 21, 2010

Feeling a little BLUE...

Guess what we did today! She was so excited.

Bunny was a BIG help! She made sure every last bit was enjoyed.
Who...Us? ... Silly?

Don't be shy, Bunny!

Did I get any on my face?

I have a FABULOUS friend that shall remain nameless.. but it starts with a "Bail" and ends with an "ey". Bailey is a wonderful mother to 4 fantastic children and wife to a soldier who is currently deployed. You can blame her for this blog. If it weren't for her I don't know that I would have ever started blogging. "Big Hugs, Mama!! You ROCK!!!"
She had a great idea and I totally stole it. She made green cupcakes last week. We tried blue this weekend. We'll see what happens with our next color. Bunny and I have REALLY enjoyed this lesson in BLUE.. I have a milk mustache to prove it:o)


Tyrone & Bailey said...

Love it! and thanks for all the kind words, you made me smile! You are right, too bad we aren't close enough to do it together! So far we have green here and blue there, wonder what will be next!?

Jana said...

Your Bunny is adorable. I love pictures like these !