Friday, May 21, 2010

Travel Tips

Our friends at Sippy Cup Central shared how they use a car potty. We use one too. It has been huge help for our Bunny. She was scared in public bathrooms. PLUS When you are traveling, alone, with more than one child. Do you really want to get everybody out of the car and only to find a gross public bathroom? I know I don't. :o) It's a gross enough idea with just one child.
(BTW I got a high five from a complete stanger in a Walmart parking lot, who had a 9 month old and was filing ideas in the back of her mind for later on. LOL)

SOOOOO In the spirit or sharing our favorite tricks of the trade... Here's one of mine! Enjoy! :o)

When you are traveling with little ones. Pack everything you would need to completely dress your baby/toddler. (top, bottom, diaper/pull up/undies, socks, bib if he or she still needs one) into a gallon Ziploc bag.
Pack TWO for every day you are going to be gone if possible. This works out great if you are going to parks or will be away from you suitcase for any amount of time. After dressing your child grab another bag full of clothes to take with you. As someone who uses this idea it also keeps your child's bag much neater. LOL
This does two things.
1~ it makes it super easy to get everybody dressed in the morning. No searching for the socks that match an outfit. Just grab a bag, dress, go..
2~ If, for any reason, your child has a spill or potty accident.. you have a change of clothes. BUT You also have a bag to put the soiled items in until you can get to a place to clean them.
I used this when we went to Disney and now use this idea anytime we are going away. Even just for the day.:o) It's FANTASTIC! I wish I could give the person who originally posted this a great big hug, but I can't even remember where I saw it.


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Mysticiris said...

Great Tips =)

Oh and congrats on your blog award from Two Bears and a Farm Blog! It's how I found your blog! I enjoyed visiting it today! =) happy blogging!