Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Silly Days...

Bunny is such a sweet little girl..

My sweet little Bug! He's 13 months now!

They WERE hugging. LOL
Lunch from today.. ham and cheese star sammies, grapes and watermelon, pickle, and frozen Go-Gurt. I used some picks that I had left over from a baby shower for the sammies, and a umbrella left over from the same shower. (When I was preg with Bunny! LOL) The star we a wink and a nudge to Evangeline and the umbrella was suppose to be a parasol. (We were watching Princess and The Frog. :o)P Rather pink and princess(y) don't you think?

This was a meal from the other night. Jon's Hamburger Rotini Casserole, baby pickles, strawberries, and apple sauce.
These pictures are brought to you by the word NANA.
I have managed to loose my camera and my Mom has loaned me hers until I find it. :o)

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