Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of JULY!!!

We are enjoying the amazing day with a tin..
Strawberries, Mini-Marshmallows, Blue Frozen Go-Gurt, and PB&J stars.
Thank You to our men an women in service who help secure our freedoms
that we all to often take for granted. Today is more than BBQ's and Fireworks.
To my friends... BE SAFE & WELL!!!
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HAHAHAHAHA!!! My Bunny just brought me her tin and asked for ice-cream.
Bunny:"I can have some ice-cream, Mommy. It's right there in the freezer. "
Me: "What kind do you want?"
Bunny: " Red. White. and Bwue"
Me: "We don't have any blue ice-cream Honey."
Bunny: "We can pwetend brown can be bwue"
Me: "Ummmm Sure." LOL


muffintinmom said...

love the PB and J stars! so cute! I often pretend my ice cream is made out of vegetables, helps me justify eating half a carton. ;)

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love the stars. We can pretend any ice cream color at my house.

Melissa said...

I like the way that girl thinks. ;) What a smart cookie! LOL :)