Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Highway 21 Drive In

A friend inspired me to see if we had a local Drive In. (Thank You Bailey) She posted pictures of a trip that they made to one.. and I couldn't resist. To my surprise there was one in Beaufort, SC. It is a little bit a trek of about an hour for us.. but I can assure that will not keep up from going back.

The following is a review of the HWY 21 Drive In.. but also for the drive in experience all together.

A view from the "Cheap Seats"

My Nana has requested that I no longer use the word cheap to describe myself, so as a painfully frugal Mommy.. I was thrilled to find that is was FAR more affordable for a family to go to the Drive In.
The Prices were as follows:
$6 - adults
$2 - Children (5-12)
Free - Children 4 and under
Our Drive In has double features.. so you can see 2 movies. Yeah.. We were a little late getting home (2am) but it was a fair price to pay for quality entertainment and experience.

We got there early enough, found a parking spot, and we to hit up the concession stands. The owners and operators have to share the majority of ticket sales with the studios, so they depend on their concession sales to keep their doors open. Having said that... their prices were completely reasonable. They had everything from buckets of popcorn and sodas to funnel cakes to meals. We didn't have one we ate just before we went.. but I was told by several other patrons that the burgers were AWESOME. I guess I will have to see for myself next time. All in the name of honest reviews. :o)
The Haves

They had a playground for toddlers...

and popcorn...
a sand box...
and popcorn...
a 2 playgrounds for big kids in front of the main screen...

and did I mention that they had popcorn?
(The Bug was very impressed with it)

and balls and toys in "Toddler Town"...

and Yummmmmy. Skittles!! A rainbow of flavors....

and plenty of room for a family to stretch out, loosen the collar a bit and have some fun....
(Guess who came with us to see Toy Story3? )

a ceiling of stars, cool night breeze, and the feeling of community.
Bunny was so excited!!! She met some new friends. They ran and played in front of screen #2 before the movie started.
Bug mostly hung out with us and watched the big kids play.
The HAVE Nots:
Inflated prices, or being trapped in close quarters with a bunch of strangers who don't understand the concept of personal space.

In closing.. We had a huge helping of family fun. We saw 2 movies that we both wanted to see, we talked to other people around us who not only go to the Drive In often, but many of them expressed how sad they would be if they didn't have one to go to.

I can say with great certainty that we will be going back! I look forward to it and urge you all to see if you have one in your area.


Jaime Leigh said...

I should look into the Drive in Theater around here....what a good idea on how to save money...honestly never thought about it!!!

Tyrone & Bailey said...

I am so glad that y'all had fun based on something that we did! We went to a second one last night, that's about 30 min. from here. Lots of fun! I think I'm addicted to drive-ins now!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

This looks wonderful. I really like the play area.