Monday, August 2, 2010

MTM - Toy Story / Birthday

In the spirit of continues celebration... We had a Toy Story breakfast. I had planned an AWOL MTM at the park.. but silly me didn't check first. I had everything packed in the cooler so we could just grab and go when we woke and took Daddy to work. Step outside... RAIN! Blah. Ok.. no problem. We will just have a livingroom picnic when we get home :o)

Bunny had Strawberries, frozen Go-Gurt, grapes, peaches, and some Toy Story candy for later.

Logan isn't big on MTM yet.. If I fixed him one, her would just dump it on his head.. but he LOVES his Super Why.. so he and Super Why had grapes, strawberries, and grahm crackers.

Our Bunny turned THREE on the 24th.. but since I have been so very sick, we had her birthday party this past Saturday. She had a fantastic birthday and was surrounded by many of her favorite people.

Bunny.. Err Cinderella enjoying a cupcake for breakfast yesterday. :o)


Sandy said...

What a bummer about the picnic at the park. That happened to us yesterday. I forgot to check the weather too. Oh well, living room picnics are fun too!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

The flags in the lunch look great! We like Super Why too.

Kristie Clower said...

Happy Birthday Bunny! My Mina turns 3 on the 23rd. Super cute tin. And cupcakes for breakfast are like the best thing ever.