Saturday, September 18, 2010

Microwave Popcorn?

I am going to start posts that will help other families find cost cutting ideas.
It may save a little.. or it may save a lot. The key word is "save". :o)
So, here is my first (to my knowledge) Frugal to a Fault post. ENJOY! Please feel free to share if you have some ideas that I can try and share.
I recently came across a blog post (that of course I can't remember for the life of me right now) that showed me how to make your own microwave popcorn. I wanted to try it before posting.. It was not only MUCH cheaper, It was better tasting IMO.
1/4 cup of popcorn and a brown paper lunch bag, is really all you need. I added a little Parkay Spray for some buttery taste (and so it would help hold some salt better. LOL)
Fold top of the bag 2 or 3 times. A tight fold is best.
Bunny's snack today. Popcorn that she got to help make, Pirate's Booty, and fresh Strawberries. YUM!


Sippy Cup Central Mom said...

How long did it take? thanks, karen
sippy cup central mom

Jana C. said...

You have been given a blog award. Enjoy !

Alli said...

Hee hee, too funny, I gave you an award too! See, you're blog is just that good :-)

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