Saturday, February 21, 2009

April's Big Girl Bed!!!

I had to share our morning with you guys!!! It was a very big day for our little girl! She moved into a BIG GIRL BED!! (The selfish side of me thinks it's not even close to being fair that she's getting so big so fast.)

Last night in her crib with her Momo.
This is what I get for leaving her with a big girl cup while I helped Daddy with putting the bed together.
A big sticky apple juice mess!!

We could hardly get the sheet on. She kept climbing up onto the bed. LOL
Just the right size for a big girl.

The Big Momo cracks me up!!! I think it may take up more room in her bed than she does. :)

Her first nap in her toddler bed.
(Note the shoe still on her right foot. LOL )
Awwwww! April with her "Momo"!

This is her Daddy introducing her to Choc Chunk Cookies this morning.


Anonymous said...

Totally not fair that they grow up so fast. Seriously, you will blink and first day of school, blink again, college. On a happier note, the new bed is ADORABLE!!! And the Momo is seriously bigger than the kid. Ezra saw the pictures and was shocked that Nemo/Momo stuffies exist. The whole family decided the Momos and April at nap time make a great photo. Big Girl, sigh, you made me cry! That's it, I have to find a way to seal the kids in a bubble so they never age. Love from KCMO.

Mullis family on the Road said...

I love her new big girl bed, and she looks like she loves it too. SHe also looks adorable in the outfit that I gave her, I hope she like the rest of the clothes.