Friday, February 20, 2009

We are all so blessed!

I wanted to recognize just how blessed our family is to have so many wonderful people in our lives that love us... especially April and baby brother. We have recently had several things happen that I wanted to say something about.

Bailey - Even though this dear and beautiful friend has lots on her plate, she finds time to keep in contact and lift me up. I sent her a "belly picture" since she requested one... Her response was to tell me how beautiful I was. (That's hard for me to see, though Jon tells me all the time, but it made me feel so special!)
She also sent a us a life saving gift! A highchair!!! I had a wonderful highchair that we didn't have room for anymore and April was in a booster. If I had known then that we were going to try for a baby brother or sister this soon.. I would have found a way to keep it. You know what they say.. Hind sight 20/20 and all...
Anyway... She sent us a highchair and now I don't have a little girl hugging my legs and singing "Eat? Eat? Mommy Eat?" while I attemp to cook.
Thank You to Bailey and her wonderful family! I love you all!

Amanda - We adore Amanda and her little girl! We go for playdates and she's a great person to vent to. BUT she also does the most wonderful thing about every 6 months... She cleans out her daughters closet and gives the clothes and shoes to April! Most of the cute little outfits you may see April in are from her. She just sent us home yesterday with 2 bags of clothes and a bag of shoes... Oh and an April size potty! How LUCKY are we!!!

Ashley and Jess - These ladies are great friends to have!!! They love all of our children! When we went to Atlanta they let Rooster and Ti sleep over at their home even though they have 2 big dogs (one the size of a horse) and a cat. Rooster got lots of belly rubs and Ti had plenty of cuddle time while we were away. PLUS!!! They gave Rooster and Ti a BATH!!!
They have also claimed dibs on watching April while we are at the hospital with baby brother. And since April loves them both.. I don't think she will mind at all. LOL

Tavia - Dear Aunt Tavia... If she hands us a bag we can be sure that we won't be dissapointed! She somehow finds some of the cutest clothes!!! Here is a picture of a couple of things that we got during our visit.

GranNana and GranPapa - We got to go to Waycross for a quick visit to see family before I can't travel anymore. While we were there my Nana suprised April with a cute little outfit and a vacuum cleaner that sings!

**** I had a feeling that I had left someone out, and I remembered when who when I was getting dressed this morning!!****

GrandMa and GrandPa Robbins - As grandparents.. I'm not too suprised that they want to spoil this sweet little. But I never expected that they would want to spoil ME too.

When we were up for our visit, they bought me 2 pairs of maternity jeans! I have to admit that my old ones were pretty ratty.. I am delited to have my new pants!

They also sent us home with a toddler bed. So April will have a big girl bed very soon!

THANK YOU to everyone!!! We all feel completely blessed to have you in our lives!!

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Anonymous said...

I have to spoil them.. They are my only niece and soon to be nephew...

Aunt Tavia