Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hip Hip Hooray.. The Super Daddy saves the day...

We enjoy several PBS shows. Bunny LOVES her Dinosaur Train and Bug LOVES his Super Why!
I never even knew that they had toys for Super Why, so you can imagine my surprise when Jon called me on his lunch break to tell me that he had found a talking Super Why. Bug has never gotten attached to a toy, so I wanted to see his reaction before we got it. He smiled from ear to ear and started rocking back and forth.
Hmmm I think we have a winner.
After we got home and got him out of the package, Bug carried him everywhere! It was so sweet. He would smile so big every time Super why said something or played the theme song.
As you can tell.. Jon made an AWESOME find today!!! Good Job Daddy!!

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Tyrone & Bailey said...

Yay for good daddies! And WHEN AND WHY does Logan keep growing?!?! STOP IT!