Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Preschool @ HOME?!?!

My hubby and I have been talking/learning about, researching, and considering home school.
I had no idea that this would be such a hot topic with parents! It has driven a wedge between me and other Moms who I thought would never judge me. Esp for something like this.

As soon as I mentioned that we were looking into it I got sea of funny looks and silence followed by.. "WHAT!?!? Why would you want to do that?" This surprised me. I, myself, would never judge them for their choice of education. I never said anything as I sat and listened to them complain about their kids teachers, the cost of pre-school, the time they have to spend in carpool... I listened because I am a friend. But I felt attacked because I have considered something different. It hurt my feelings (A LOT), but I try to not let it get me down.

I had the same reaction from some family members. Since then, most of them have commented on how much research I have been doing. I find that pretty funny. This is such a huge undertaking! I would never just jump into this with out doing my homework first.

Luckily I also have some other friends who are not judging me. They offer support. What I need most. To those of you.. THANK YOU!! You have no idea how much it means to me!

IF we decide to home school. We want to use a secular curriculum. Do you have any idea how hard that is to find? Oh My GOSH!! That may be my biggest challenge. Though we still have a while before we really need to get to far into that. We can cross that bridge when we get to it. :o)

Now. Bunny is almost 3. While we have been doing projects, learning, and exploring over the past 2 1/2 years, it's almost time to amp up our "school". I am currently making a list of what I want to have on hand. Who knew food coloring would be on my school supply list! LOL

Thank You for reading. Please comment if you have a suggestion for our craft box, item for our list, or a blog to follow, or just want to offer support. Any and ALL support is welcome! LOL . (I don't know what I would do without my blogger friends. You ladies have some awesome ideas!)


varunner said...

Honestly, it should just be a parents' business. No one has a right to judge, you know?
I follow 2 AWESOME blogs that homeschool. I've never noticed either of them mentioning religion, so I'm not sure what type of curriculum they use. You can find them on my blog list (sorry I'm too lazy to look up the links for you - kind of a busy day here). They are Frog Creek and Ordinary Life Magic (she has 2 blogs - one for giveaways and one for their daily activities). I hope you start getting more support from your friends.

The Princess said...

Oh I know that "3rd eye popping out of your forehead look". That is the same thing I have been getting since before the Buddha Bear was born (he will be 2 in September). We are not on any formal curriculum yet - but I am gathering things. We will be doing a secular curriculum as well. What I have been doing is following all kinds of blogs (faith based and secular), then I bookmark and save the things that I find of interest. I also when on yahoo to see what kind of homeschooling co-ops are in my area. While BB is much younger than most of the more active participants, we have joined them for a few of the park days. You can throw me an email any time if you want to share ideas and stuff.

Robbins Zoo said...

Thanks Ladies.
I hope it didn't sound as if I have an issue with private, public or religion based homeschools. It just doesn't feel right for our family.. right now.
I love that everyone is having a AWESOME day!!!

mamak said...

Hey there!
I know what you mean about the funny looks.... It gets way easier! In fact I kind of dig them now. It means I actually thought about something different. Can you believe that?
Your kids are young and just little sponges, so everything is a learning experience for them, so no fretting. There are plenty of secular choices out there, no worries. To start, we loved this one:

Melia said...

I, too have learned to enjoy the funny looks. I often catch myself feeling sorry for people willing to just follow along with what everyone else is doing and that they don't even stop to consider any other ideas. I have family members that have completely dropped off the radar because I am "weird". After all, I homeschool AND we only have one income AND we have gone green at our house in several areas. It's a shame to be judged in that way, but do what is right for your family and your kids and always keep your head up! Glad you and your hubby are working on this. I have a list of stuff that I like to use with my little one. And some blogs that I love to follow for ideas. I will FB you as soon as I get a chance!

Jana said...

When I started homeschooling 22 years ago, everyone but my father thought I had completely lost my mind. Still to this day I would say half of family and friends still think that way. But I am starting on round two. hehe

It was very difficult in the old days to find anything but very religious curriculum. It is much easier now.

Have you been to The Well Trained Mind forums yet? I think I saw you on There are also many yahoo group full of secular parents using other curriculum, like Winter Promise, and Sonlight. The more you read, the more you will find !

Good luck in your research but beware, mine hasn't stopped yet.