Thursday, June 17, 2010

School Supplies?

I recently made a list of things that I would want to have on hand for "school". I can always plan everything a few days in advance, but when you only have one car... it makes it hard to do last minute activities. I had to sit back and laugh at some of the things that ended up on our school supply list. Most of them were inspired by the blogs that I follow.
I never thought that I would want to keep cornstarch, food coloring, cookie cutters, buttons, and food flavoring on hand.
Do you have things in your craft or school box that you think look a little lost?


danita said...

thanks for stopping by TLPL! over at pink and green mama's site, she has a list of art supplies she recommends for different age groups. you should check it out! i can't think of anything really strange that i have, but i haven't really had any coffee yet!

sippy cup mom said...

I wait right after the school kids go back to school and then snatch up a ton of craft stuff for cheap!

Tyrone & Bailey said...

Ok, fun alternative for counting? Googly eyes! Seriously. A bag of them is cheap and they are also good for "small, medium, large" groupings. You think I've lost it, right? You are right on with the cornstarch (and the rest of it) but who knew cornstarch was so versatile?! lol

We started our learning about money/handling finances by going to michael's and getting a piggy bank to paint. SO many opportunities there! Counting, money concepts, savings, etc. :)