Monday, June 7, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday~ Circles

There was no official theme this week. I decided that circles would be pretty easy and she thought it was "sooo FUN!"
I couldn't find my camera this morning.. so I took a picture with my phone and stole it off of facebook. LOL it may not be a picture of much quality.. but you get the idea. LOL

Clockwise: Honey Nut Cheerios, Banana, Fruit Loops, Strawberries, more Banana, and grapes cut in half to show the circle.
For our "craft".. I think we will play with bubbles and find circles around the house. I know.. I'm being a little lazy this week.. but after last week, I need a break. LOL
(For those who don't know.. Our landlords had a bunch of trees cut down and over growth cleared out. (YAY!!!!) Then the guys cut our cable line and split. (Booo!) After a few days with no cable or Internet, it got fixed. (YAY! *happy dance*) Tree guys come back to finish the job. Then to make a long story short there was a incident that included a rather large truck, our fiberglass septic tank, and what is now a great big hole in our yard! (BOOO Hiss!) Then we came home Sat after a nice visit with my family.. only to find our AC had somehow turned into a block of ice! (*Laughs* to keep form crying!) It is currently working well enough until the AC guy gets here.. Last night though.. Strawberry Margaritas! :o) (I don't even care that B&B woke up twice last night. LOL
Our poor landlords live in Ohio and are having to deal with all of this from quite a distance. Ohio -> SC. LOL I should mention that to my knowledge they have handled this very well.


varunner said...

Oh my gosh,I love your new look! So summery :-)

Wow, drama, though, huh? The strawberry margaritas part sounds good ;-)

Twas a good Monday for the pink flower tin ;-)

Mommyof2girlz said...

Great post and YAY for Strawberry Awesome tin, defiantly full of fun!

Robbins Zoo said...

Thanks! My friend Donna is helping me with it. LOVE the new fun look.. and LOVE LOVE LOVE that I have music on here :o)
It have little bit of margarita left.. if I add frozen strawberry yogurt, do you think it would count as a breakfast item? LOL
Stuff happens.. it just seems like a LOT of it happened in one week. :o)P

Jamie said...

That looks so good! We would LOVE that breakfast here.

Robbins Zoo said...

To be honest.. I think she gave most of it to Rooster. (Our Jack Russel) He was strutting around licking his chops. LOL he loves his Bunny! He thinks she is delicious! :o)P

ardi said...

thanks for the information

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love the look too. Circles was a great idea.

Jenny said...

Shapes are always a good idea. We should do that, too. I can sort of relate to your problems because someone knocked down an electric pole with their lawn mower a days ago, and we were without electricity for about 6 hours. It was hard to sleep that night for a few hours without air.

Alli said...

Love this idea, so cute. Thanks for the welcome!