Sunday, June 6, 2010

Separated at birth?

We got to see How to Train Your Dragon recently. To our surprise.. Bunny has decided that Our cat Massey looks like Toothless (The Night Fury from HTTYD) She has renamed our poor kitty and will correct you if you call her Massey. LOL
Bunny thought it was EXTRA funny when "Toothless" started chasing a reflection on the wall.. just like the dragon.

Massey.. errrr Toothless has been very understanding about bringing the 2 legged creatures home and allowing them to share the common areas. She's always been very skittish.. I was so proud of her for allowing Bunny to even pet her over the past couple of years. To my shock she didn't get upset Bunny when she forcefully pointed out that Massey has eyes.. by poking her in one of them. But I was SHOCKED when she allowed Bunny to pick her up!! Not once.. but twice to bring her to Daddy. Bunny: "Daddy.. Do you want a dragon? Do you want a Toothless? Ok.. Here you go." Hubby to Massey: "Thank you for not eating the child." followed by gentle pets. All Massey did was have a look on her face as if to say... " I NEED AN ADULT! I NEED AN ADULT!!" LOL

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